My school story

DonKizzy Finish Education In Italia Europe

Okoh James aka Don Kizzy.Who came to Italy Europe to finish his secondry school level in 2010,Don Kizzy attend IGBODO COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL in Igbodo Delta State in Nigeria,In the year 2009 he started to frequent I.C SKANDERBEG COMPREHENSIVO STATALE IN PIANA DEGLI ALBANESI ITALIA EUROPE..Now Don Kizzy is Holding the (Licenza Media in Italy)(Senior Digree)DonKizzy know Italian language very well and English too.Any way as time goes on so as life goes on,Education is a key of life and music give more educational to reason more inportant and also have a good conversation with people.DonKizzy didn't believe that going to the university or higher level in school is the best way to make it  in life,despit that you have study a little bit in your secondry school level,you we still well know more thing to comunicat with your friends and others.I am not perfect like the way you thing i am.Even you may not perfect too.because we all learning in this word.Any thing that you are doing in this world you have to fucus on it,because you destiny is all about what you do.I love a good Education just like the way i love music too.