Don Kizzy Is Upcoming Nigeria Artist

Don Kizzy Is Your Best Singer Artist Of The Year.

 Don Kizzy is Nigeria Upcoming Rappers.Now he based in Europe why he is doing his music organizzations with some Nigeria popular artists.Don Kizzy is working hard to bring out his delbut album as a super star.Donkizzy we soon finaly join one of the Nigeria singer who Entertain people with their music career. Don kizzy is so talented in music because music has been his career abitual since when he was child years old.He thank God for his music  career today..Thanks all to you Fans over love yall

Don Kizzy is talking of his music progett with fans.

How i discover my talent!!

 It's easy to say im a singer but you don't really no the reason of being a really musician.Actually  i was born to be an artist.because when i was 9 years old i started to sing in my head and also in my mind,that's look strange right?each time that i am going to the farm i alwasy sing infatti the thing that kept me busy all days.Till i got to 11 years i started making my own children bands and i also bought a radio and open inside and i fice a micriphone inside which we use to play.Knowing that,that's the beging of a destiny and it can be really only if i chase my dream.That's why i we never stop written music or singing,Thank God that i no who i am in the great fucture.God bless you too.

Don Kizzy BASED

Don Kizzy_Young Money Demo:)